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Emergency Dentist in Memphis, TN

What to do During a Dental Emergency

A dental emergency can be scary and painful. The best thing you can do is stay calm and act quickly. Before you contact our office though, we need to know some information. The more we know about your emergency, the better.

  • What caused the emergency?
  • Is there any bleeding? Swelling?
  • How much pain are you in, and how long has this pain lasted? 
  • Do you have a broken or knocked out tooth? Do you have the tooth or piece of broken tooth? Dentist with Patient

Is this a dental emergency? 

A dental emergency is a service that needs attention within 24-48 hours because of sudden pain or an injury. Here are the types of emergencies you may experience:


Contact Your Memphis Emergency Dentist 

Dr. Moore sets aside special time for emergency patients so we can get you in as quickly as possible. Contact us now so we can book the earliest possible appointment for you. We are your Memphis emergency dentist, and we are here for you.

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