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Each day, our Memphis dental office works hard to give our patients their perfect smile. We regularly have patients of all ages in our dental chairs, looking to whiten, straighten and otherwise make a change to their smile. One common frustration of our patients who are past their teen years is the worry that they've missed their chance to straighten their teeth. Does that sound like you?

If so, we have great news.

It's not too late to get that smile! Our office offers Invisalign clear aligners, which is the perfect solution to straightening your teeth without the common metal brackets that many adults are afraid of. Invisalign works by using multiple sets of trays that are custom molded to gradually adjust your teeth. The process starts by getting x-rays, pictures and custom impressions of your teeth. From there a 3D model is created of your mouth. After that, we'll create your roadmap to the perfect smile. By mapping out these slight adjustments, we'll create several sets of the invisible aligners.

Your first set of aligners will fit snugly and your teeth will immediately begin their movement. The trays are made of a thin BPA-free plastic that won't rub against your cheeks or gums and will be almost completely invisible to those around you. The trays will need to be worn for about 22 hours a day, and can be removed to eat or brush and floss. Your teeth will begin gradually shifting and you will switch to a new set of trays about every 2-3 weeks to continue the process of movement.

Invisalign Treatment Time

You will start to notice improvement to your smile in about 6 weeks. Total treatment time varies significantly based on your starting point, but most patients have usually achieved their ideal smile within a year. Once your smile is achieved, you can say goodbye to those trays and hello to a world full of new smiles. It's likely those around you, including family, friends and coworkers will notice the change, and wonder how it happened overnight!

Memphis Invisalign Office

We've been grateful for the opportunity to provide Memphis with beautiful smiles and know that you can get the smile you want no matter your age, career or other factor that's been holding you back. To schedule your free consultation for Invisalign, or to ask any questions you may have, contact our Memphis Invisalign team.


Here's to Your Smile,


Posted by Miles Moore at 3:13 PM
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