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Tooth Extraction

The thought of having a tooth extraction, or having a tooth “pulled”, is an unpleasant thought for most people. A tooth extraction involves removing the tooth from its socket in the jaw bone. Generally, a tooth extraction is a last resort. Dr. Miles Moore will make every effort to repair or restore your tooth without having to physically remove the tooth. In some cases, though, the tooth can not be saved and a tooth extraction is required. There are many reasons for having a tooth extracted. A common reason to have a tooth pulled is because of severe decay or damage.

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Why Would Someone Need Teeth Extracted?

Teeth may be damaged by an accident, broken or cracked so badly that the tooth must be removed. Gum disease is also a leading cause for tooth loss in adults. If a patient is experiencing advanced gum disease, the surrounding gum and bone become affected and can require a tooth extraction. Other reasons are for orthodontic purposes, to make space for other teeth and improve alignment, to remove extra teeth such as wisdom teeth or for certain medical conditions.

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Wisdom teeth removal is one of the most common tooth extractions. Wisdom teeth are generally extracted in adolescents before the teeth are fully developed. Dentist Examining X-RaysWisdom teeth can cause pain when they don’t have room to grow and may become impacted. Impacted teeth can lead to infection, decay and damage to neighboring teeth and misalignment of the bite.

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Sedation Dentistry with Tooth Extraction

With some surgical extractions and wisdom teeth removal, the patient can be given a sedative. We offer conscious sedation depending on the complexity of the procedure. Some patients may require stitches at the extraction site. These stitches will generally disintegrate on their own but in some cases, may need to be removed by the dentist. It generally takes about five to seven days for the gum area to heal and about three to four weeks for the area to heal completely after having teeth pulled.

If you need to have wisdom teeth taken out or have a tooth pulled, please contact Memphis Center for Family & Cosmetic Dentistry to request an appointment.

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