Suffering from Tooth Pain?

Tooth pain causes angst, irritation and frustration no matter the situation. Whether you are in an important business meeting, taking an exam or going on a run, suffering from tooth pain is a major annoyance.

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Common Causes of Tooth Pain

Tooth pain originates in a variety of ways. Popular reasons include the following:

  • Infected Teeth - Also known as abscessed teeth, this infection of the mouth, face, jaw or even throat is a result of poor dental health.
  • Gum Disease - Tooth pain could be the result of bacterial growth within your mouth and gums.
  • Teeth Grinding - Grinding your teeth at night damages the enamel, causes pain in the jaw, can irritate your gums and leads to tooth pain.
  • Tooth Trauma - If you are involved in an emergency dental situation, tooth trauma would be the apparent reason for pain.
  • Wisdom Teeth - Common for teenagers and young adults, the appearance of wisdom teeth often causes pain throughout the mouth, including the teeth.
  • Abnormal Bite - If you overbite or underbite during meals, this habit could lead to tooth pain and persistent issues later in life.
  • Tooth Eruption - Common in babies and school-aged children, the process of a tooth protruding into a child’s mouth will cause some pain.
  • Repetitive Motions - If you consistently chew gum or grind your teeth, those motions that cause your teeth to touch and hit each other can cause pain.

If you are feeling tooth pain, one of these common causes could be impacting you. 


Common Symptoms of Tooth Pain

Of course, a toothache is the obvious sign that your teeth are in pain. However, other symptoms can trigger warning signs as well. If you experience any of these symptoms below, request a visit with Dr. Moore to see if he and the team can ease the ache.

  • Throbbing in the mouth
  • Swelling around a tooth
  • Increasing fever
  • Pounding headache
  • Foul-tasting drainage

If any of these symptoms seem to impact you frequently, tooth pain could be the root cause.


Checking in with Dr. Moore

Properly identifying and treating your tooth pain prevents it from spreading to other parts of the mouth. Toothaches can cause plenty of stress. Don’t let them stop you from taking care of your needs. If you experience tooth pain in Memphis, call Dr. Moore. He and the team are ready to help you.

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